1. Before many centuries from ancient time up to now Mongolians certified that there was Mongolian Army education and is the powerful nationality which has great history followed in the World. Why Mongolia was more
powerful than other nationalities? Because in the sacred territory which located in the Central Asia and near to the sky, natural environment and daily style of our lives Mongolians gain body guarding arts and battle abilities.

2. Some people understand that Body Guarding Arts is a fight besides that it is the weapon to use it for oppressing. Why this battle was named as Body Guarding Arts in the World, because not only it gives people to protect their bodies and psychologies from war, disasters and dangers but also it makes abilities to protect others. Because it was defined as “Body Guarding”

3. What is Mongol-Zo? It means that person creates its internal powers or Buddha’s power in the internal heart of person, manages it in order to protect all kinds of natural disasters, human enemies wild animals.

4. Anybody, who does not know about it, see artistic movement like dancers, who to use weapons, wonderful aerobic movement, hitting with foot, unity of hits and solution of speed and powers and all these confirm that battle education was named as Arts.

5. What means the Mongol-Zo arts? Wo don’t understand that it is only fight. Explained that: I think that Mongol is understandable. But Zo means not only fight by also it means harmony and goal.

6. In the 20th century our country was at the dictator of Manch and China there was noted the word “Mongolians stand holding a whip”. It means that Mongolians usually take the whip and it becomes great weapon for us and
they well develop it even if they do not know. Because Mongolians ride horses they own and use the whip. By the living requirement they repeated exercise of lashing many time a day, also they can hit the nose of wild wolf and confirmed that our uses could develop as weapon.

7. Some of searchers have understanding between Mongolian Fights. But the arts was kept from ancient time up to now by transmitting from father to the son. The example of this is that foreign searchers widely represented
Mongolian fighters and masters in their books and editions and why we could win the other nationalities which have more population than our country. As a quantities of the Army, head of Chinggis Khaan’s heroes Zev
and Subeedei firstly moved to Europe and number of their soldiers were 20 000 people. It confirmed that Mongolians have skills to own weapons, good psychological preparation and more endurances.

8. But modern confirmation is full of Mongolian Fights and is developing together with society.